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Ingredients for an Ideal Retirement

In this ever-competitive country, everything must be ordered and evaluated––even our retirement plans. Today in Inside Higher Ed, I praise my lovely wife Elaine Maimon’s retirement strategy and rank its respective components in order of importance.

After Elaine’s many demanding and rewarding years as a college president, we decided to settle near family along the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Reflecting on our first year since Elaine left office, I’ve found that any blueprint for a fulfilling retirement must revolve around maintaining an active body and mind. We’ve been lucky to find even more exciting ways to engage with the world even as we’ve stepped back from our everyday grind.

It’s always a pleasure and a privilege to be published in Inside Higher Ed. I hope you all will consider giving my new piece a read––perhaps it will encourage you to consider the challenges you will seek in new chapters of your lives.


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